Our Services.

Specific to Customer Service Delivery

  • Intercultural training, coaching & resources for delivering services to culturally diverse customers and clients
  • Culturally-Inclusive Customer Journey Mapping
  • Cultural Awareness Scorecards / Checklists

Communication is tricky at the best of times.

It’s even more challenging when dealing with people from different cultural backgrounds.

Our cultural awareness programs build on your existing customer service expertise, with a focus on overcoming cultural barriers to service delivery, communication and relationship-building.


Craig Shim is Queensland’s only qualified intercultural business consultant providing specialised advice on applying Cultural Intelligence to Customer Journey Mapping.

  • Customer Journey Mapping with Cultural Intelligence
  • Communication and language barriers
  • Unintentional customer service mishaps
  • Accommodating cultural expectations
  • Building trust
  • Handling conflict and culturally inappropriate behaviour

About Alphacrane Intercultural Specialists.

We are an Australian, Queensland-based consultancy. We specialise in cross-cultural business and communication skills to boost your international and cross-cultural capabilities.

Our mission is to help our clients apply Cultural Intelligence (CQ) as an essential business tool for addressing barriers to peak business performance.

Our consultancy services include intercultural business coaching, training and advice.

Our offering specific to international diplomacy includes:

  • International Diplomacy Coaching for government officials and business leaders who plan, host and attend international delegations & trade missions
  • Country-specific protocols and etiquette
  • Intercultural Coaching for staff on international postings or assignments
  • Intercultural Coaching & Advice: Cross-Cultural Business Essentials for International Trade & Investment
  • Review of Sister City Relationships
  • Cultural Awareness Scorecards / Checklists

Our clients are professionals who lead international teams, manage change for international Merger & Acquisitions, manage global mobility, conduct international trade and investment attraction, and who operate in international education, tourism, healthcare and other global industries.

Our international diplomacy-specific clients:

  • Diplomatic staff of foreign embassies
  • Local government mayors and elected representatives
  • Government staff involved with international trade

We believe that Cultural Intelligence is often the missing link to peak business performance that organisations often overlook.

We focus on helping clients understand deep-rooted cross-cultural differences between business mindsets, communication styles, values and attitudes – all of which can make or break meaningful relationships and business deals.

Our signature Scenario-Based Learning methodology results in deeper and longer-lasting understanding among coaching and training participants as they delve into real-life challenges.

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