We offer…

1. Intercultural Business Coaching.

  • Personalised coaching by qualified intercultural consultants, face-to-face or via video link.
  • Coaching sessions are 100% tailored to your specific needs.
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2. Intercultural Training.

  • Designed and facilitated by qualified intercultural consultants.
  • Our signature Scenario-Based Learning methodology results in deeper and longer-lasting understanding as training participants delve into real-life challenges.
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3. Intercultural Advice.

  • Expert intercultural business advice provided in a confidential discussion, face-to-face or via video link.
  • Consults can be booked and paid online as a 90min, 2-hour or 2.5-hour appointment.
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4. Consultancy Projects.

We work collaboratively with multi-disciplinary specialists to design and deliver projects requiring intercultural expertise, including:

  • Cross-Cultural Solutions for International M&As | We can work alongside your  Merger & Acquisition (M&A) consultant or organisational change specialist to implement practical strategies for navigating cross-cultural differences across multinational teams.  Click here for further details or download our brochure.
  • Project Asia | Developing cultural capabilities and cultural resources for tourism operators seeking to capitalise on the surge of visitor arrivals from China and other Asian market segments.
  • Project Global Citizen | A ground-breaking approach to on-boarding international students and optimising their experience in Australia.  Click here to read how we’re empowering international students with cultural skills to survive and thrive.

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