Our Services.

Specific to Cross-Cultural Leadership

  • Intercultural training, coaching & resources for leading and participating in cross-cultural teams, international teams and culturally-diverse teams
  • Culturally-Inclusive Team Journey Mapping
  • Cultural Cohesion Scorecards / Checklists


Craig Shim is a qualified intercultural business consultant providing specialised advice on applying Cultural Intelligence to leading and participating in cross-cultural teams.

  • Cultural expectations and leadership
  • Trust and relationship-building
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Cultural attitudes and behaviours
  • Negotiating and influencing
  • Managing difficult conversations
  • Decision making
  • Managing team performance

Corporate clients:

  • Air New Zealand, Boeing, BP, Nike, PepsiCo, Mastercard. Caterpillar, Biogen Swiss, Icon Group

Your Challenge.

Here’s how we can help

We are often unaware of the extent to which our personal leadership style (communication, negotiation, relationship-building etc) is culturally-influenced.

Our practices, at times, are likely to be at odds with the preferences and expectations of international and culturally-diverse colleagues.

Unless consciously managed, this can negatively impact on team performance.

Our programs build on your existing leadership and teamwork expertise, with a focus on overcoming cultural barriers to teamwork, communication and trust-building.

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