Project Description

Business Culture in [Host Country]

e.g. Business Culture in China

Accepting an overseas posting almost always involves establishing new relationships and influencing people from different cultural backgrounds. Understanding cultural nuances of relationship-building can be tricky and time-consuming. This global mobility intercultural program arms international assignees with invaluable country-specific cultural insights critical for winning over and influencing colleagues, clients and stakeholders in your new host country.

  • Local business mindset
  • Local business etiquette
  • Cultural attitudes and behaviours
  • Relationship building
  • Negotiating
  • Managing difficult conversations
  • Managing teams
  • Leading change

Designed for international assignees (pre-departure or post-arrival).

Coaching, face-to-face or remotely via video link.
1-on-1 or small groups (max 3 participants).

Half-day, full-day or two-day options.

Increase success rates of international assignees and their families adjusting to their new host country.
Reduce organisational risk associated with relocation or repatriation.

Coaching session is 100% tailored to your specific needs, facilitated by a qualified intercultural coach.
Self-confidence that you and your family can adjust and thrive.
Also gain practical cultural tips relating to work life and social life in a new country.

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