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Intercultural Skills for Living Abroad

Transitioning to a new culture requires adjustments in all facets of life – from the way we build trust to the way we communicate. This global mobility intercultural program equips international assignees and their families with skills to transition faster to their new working, living and schooling environment.

  • Adjusting to cultural differences
  • Cultural differences in communicating
  • Adopting a global mindset
  • Managing culture shock

Designed for international assignees (pre-departure or post-arrival) and their partner / spouse / family

Coaching, face-to-face or via video link
1-on-1 or small groups (max 3 participants)

Half-day, full-day or two-day options.

Increase success rates of international assignees and their families adjusting to their new host country.

Reduce organisational risk associated with relocation or repatriation.

Coaching session is 100% tailored to the assignee’s specific needs.
Self-confidence that you and your family can adjust and thrive in your new host country.
Gain practical cultural tips relating to work, daily living and school.
Confidential session facilitated by a qualified intercultural coach.

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