Project Description

Understanding The Australian Business Mindset

Investing or doing business with Australians can be confusing for foreigners unfamiliar with deep-rooted Aussie cultural attitudes towards equality, entitlement and the ‘tall poppy syndrome’. Your well-intentioned business practices and communication styles could be misinterpreted by Australians if you’re unaware of the Australian business mindset.

This global business program provides foreigners with cultural insights critical for winning over and influencing colleagues, clients and stakeholders in Australia.

  • Cross-cultural communication: when to speak, when to be silent, and how to interpret non-verbal cues
  • Expectations around building and maintaining relationships
  • Australian mindset for negotiating, leadership and teamwork

Designed for business and government professionals who lead, participate, or engage with Australia-based businesses

Coaching, face-to-face or via video link
1-on-1 or small groups (max 3 participants) or face-to-face group training

Half-day, full-day or two-day options.

Increase success rates of international business deals in Australia.
Minimise risk associated with navigating the cultural minefields of international trade, mergers and acquisitions.

Includes ready-to-apply strategies on how to build rapport with your Australian counterparts, and how you can adjust your communication and business practices for success in Australia.

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