Intercultural Diplomacy Advice | 90min Consult


Intercultural Diplomacy Advice (face-to-face or remote) | 90min consultation



Intercultural Diplomacy Advice | 90min Consultation

Personalised consultation with qualified intercultural consultants, face-to-face or via video link.

Consultation Options:

After your payment is confirmed, we’ll send you a follow-up email to discuss which of the following coaching options your prefer:

  • Face-to-face (metro Brisbane)
  • Screen-sharing video link
  • Teleconference


$290 per hour (minimum 90-minute session)

Intercultural Topics:

Some of the topics we’ve been engaged to provide intercultural diplomacy advice on include:

  • Planning, hosting and attending international delegations
  • Navigating Cultural Minefields of International Trade
  • Understanding the business mindset, motivations and underlying intent of people from a different cultural background (we provide country-specific advice, not just general cross-cultural frameworks)
  • International business etiquette and protocols (country specific)
  • What trust and relationship-building looks like in different cultural contexts (country-specific)
  • Negotiating with people from a different cultural background (country-specific)

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