Communication & Relationships

Tricky at the best of times.

Even more challenging when dealing with people from different cultural backgrounds.

Does your organisation have sufficient cross-cultural skills to:

  • Build solid and lasting relationships with international customers, visitors, clients and suppliers?
  • Consistently achieve peak performance from international and culturally diverse teams?
  • Navigate cultural pitfalls when leading international trade, investment, promotion and negotiation activities?

Whatever your business challenge, we have a cross-cultural program that can be tailored to your specific needs and interests.

Alphacrane Intercultural Specialists is an Australian, Queensland-based consultancy. We specialise in cross-cultural business and communication skills to boost your international and cross-cultural capabilities.

Your interests


FREE REPORT: Risk Indicators of Sister City Relationships

  • Download our report on The Top Five Risks and what you can do about it.

Yarra Ranges Economic Development Strategy Renewal 2022-2032

  • September 2021: Alphacrane Intercultural Specialists has been successfully appointed as Lead Consultant to prepare a new 10-year strategy for Yarra Ranges Council.

Upcoming Tourism-Economic Development Seminars (VIC & NSW)

  • Virtual half-day seminar: Future-Proof Your Economic Strategy for Post-COVID Tourism Growth
  • When: Late 2021 / early 2022 (dates to be confirmed)

Sister Cities Review for Moreton Bay Regional Council

  • September 2021: Moreton Bay Regional Council has endorsed  all recommendations outlined in the Sister Cities Review report prepared by Alphacrane Intercultural Specialists earlier in the year.

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