Communication & Relationships

Tricky at the best of times.

Even more challenging when dealing with people from different cultural backgrounds.

Does your organisation have sufficient cross-cultural skills to:

  • Build solid and lasting relationships with international customers, visitors, clients and suppliers?
  • Consistently achieve peak performance from international and culturally diverse teams?
  • Navigate cultural pitfalls when leading international trade, investment, promotion and negotiation activities?

Whatever your business challenge, we have a cross-cultural program that can be tailored to your specific needs and interests.

Alphacrane Intercultural Specialists is an Australian, Queensland-based consultancy specialising in cross-cultural business and communication skills.

Your interests


Upcoming Tourism-Economic Development Seminar (Qld)

  • Virtual 1-day seminar: Future-Proof Your Economic Strategy for Tourism Growth in 2021 & Beyond
  • When: Tue 2 Feb 2021

Upcoming Leadership Development Seminar Series (APAC)

  • Virtual 4-part seminar series: Uncommon Sense in Unusual Times presented by Csaba Toth
  • When: Mon 22 Feb – Thu 25 Feb 2021. Asia-Pacific-friendly timing.

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